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Barrels at Southbrook

Southbrook Vineyards approach to water management in barrel cleaning

The first line of defense against excess water use is to keep barrels filled with wine as often as possible. When wineries store barrels, they typically wash and sanitize them both before and after storage. By refilling barrels within a few days of being emptied, Southbrook eliminates the need for double-washing.
Wine Barrels

Use less water by reviewing barrel cleaning

Barrels are one of the most iconic symbols of winemaking, and their care and use is probably the subject of more discussion than any other single piece of equipment used by winemakers. So, how can you…

Using UV to Sanitize Tanks

Everyone knows CAUSTIC->RINSE->CITRIC->RINSE for tanks. But what if you could just turn on a light switch instead? UV could make it that easy. Given his background in analytical chemistry…

A Call to Action

Ontario makes some of the best wine in the world. I never get tired talking about the talent of our growers and winemakers and the quality of their wines to anyone that will listen. I was recently nominated…

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Common Challenges

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